Providing comprehensive

water management solutions

Our vision for the business is to provide the highest quality products that are durable and long lasting; as well as support long term sustainability through water capture, containment and delivery.

Steel Liner
Water Tanks

Manufacture and construct steel liner water tanks ranging from 34,000 to 259,000 litres with a choice of Colorbond®, Zincalume® or galvanised steel.

Concrete Water Troughs

Manufacture a range of concrete water troughs for farm or feedlot use with stock health and water quality at the forefront of our design.

Concrete Feedlot

Includes a feedlot cattle bunker and sheep water trough for feedlots or farming enterprises where supplementary feeding & watering is required.

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ClearWater Troughs are distributed via a network of rural suppliers across Eastern Australia.

Please contact us for information on your local supplier, available stock nearby or for a quote with delivery to your farm.

Paddock drops are available depending on quantity and location.

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ClearWater Tanks

ClearWater Tanks is a family operated business that manufactures a complete range of steel water tanks and concrete stock troughs at our manufacturing facility in Manildra NSW.

ClearWater Tanks are suitable for rainwater harvesting & storage, stock watering systems, commercial & industrial water storage, storm water retention and most water storage applications.

In addition to manufacturing steel water storage tanks; ClearWater Tanks manufactures concrete stock water troughs designed for “problem-free” watering of livestock, animals and pets.

Our concrete troughs are distributed via a network of rural suppliers. Please contact us for more information or a quote today.

ClearWater Tanks Installation
ClearWater Tanks Trough Manufacture


ClearWater Tanks manufactures quality steel water tanks for domestic, rural and industrial use.

Our standard tanks range from 34,000 to 259,000 litres with a choice of Colorbond®, Zincalume® or galvanised steel. 

Custom sizes are available up to 422,000 litres where larger water storage capacities are required.

ClearWater Tanks are made-to-order depending on your requirements. Materials, colour, height and fittings can be customised to suit your application.







Ask us about our tank repair services!

Did you know ClearWater Tanks can repair existing, open top, concrete or steel tanks that may be leaking or expose water to the elements?

Our experienced team can assess your existing problematic tank to find a cost-effective solution to your water storage needs.

We can supply an obligation free quote using photographs and tank measurements.

Are you ready to discuss the construction of your next water tank?

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