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Case Study | Drought Lot

Quite a few years ago … when times got dry … Andrew used available funding to install a drought lot on his property at Parkes NSW.

The drought lot was designed after attending a drought lot session and featured two pens with a joined laneway to the side for ease of feeding.

Over the years this drought lot has been used during dry times as well as for a feedlot to finish lambs depending on seasonal conditions.

It’s seen quite a bit of use, especially over the last drought where it housed pregnant ewes for quite a number of months.

Originally water was supplied to stock via two poly troughs in either pen as these were a cheap option at the time the drought lot was built. Unfortunately before the last drought both troughs had split which meant an alternative had to be found.

Andrew wanted to find a trough that was durable as well as capable of watering both pens with minimal management. He also wanted something that would keep water cooler longer as the troughs are in full sun for the majority of the day.

His research led him to ClearWater Tanks and their double sheep and cattle trough. Andrew had purchased other ClearWater Troughs and knew the design and quality was of a high standard.

The ClearWater 16ft Double Sheep & Cattle Water Trough was installed due to it’s double trough design with single water entry point which meant additional plumbing wasn’t required.

Water enters the centre float valve chamber and self-levels to both sides of the trough.

The ClearWater Double Sheep & Cattle Trough is ideal for watering two side-by-side pens such as in a drought lot or feedlot situation.

Andrew is pleased with the final result and knows this trough is reliable, easy to clean … and will withstand the punishment of bored sheep and crossbred lambs.

Whilst the drought lot remains unused at the moment due to recent rains on lucerne paddocks … Andrew knows the infrastructure is in place should he require it in the future.

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