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  • The choice is Clear … a blurb on our dust and vermin proofing for tanks
  • What our customers say … Hoody’s thoughts on the ClearWater Trough
  • Erosion and Stabilising Pads … great for feedlots and areas prone to erosion
  • Links for information on the NSW Government’s interest-free loans for water infrastructure

The choice is Clear ...

ClearWater Tank

We’ve all seen evidence of elevated mouse numbers over the previous months. Have you considered how this affects your rainwater tanks?

Water tanks are a vital resource on properties where the only source of fresh water available is harvested from rainwater. Drinking water can become contaminated with microorganisms from a range of sources such as leaf debris, animals or animal faeces.

ClearWater Tanks have optional dust and vermin proofing available to protect your valuable water source. Basically, it’s a type of foam which is sandwiched between roof and tank to prevent pest and contaminant entry via small spaces and gaps.

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What our customers say ...

ClearWater Water Trough

Andrew Hood has a mixed farming enterprise at Parkes where he breeds sheep, a few cattle and feedlots sheep during dry times or to finish lambs. He started replacing existing troughs with ClearWater Troughs a few years ago because he liked the design. 

“Hoody” likes the enclosed float valve chamber which is large enough to house the tap. This means curious stock are unable to play with the tap and turn it off but the trough can be isolated when not in use or for cleaning. He also likes the cement hob which protects the water pipe from damage from fidgety or impatient animals.

Another feature Hoody likes about the ClearWater trough is the way in which the water enters the trough from the float chamber … through the bottom. On a windy day the trough doesn’t overflow like some conventional troughs and the float is fully protected.

In addition to this, the depth of the trough is another advantage … keeping water cooler for longer on hot summer days.

The water saving features of the ClearWater has been a godsend over the past few years as dams dried and water reserves became far and few between.

“All in all, ClearWater Troughs are easy to install and maintain and are as stock-proof as troughs go. We’ve had no problems since installing them, especially in the feedlot”.


  • The tap is protected within the float valve chamber
  • A cement hob protects external pipework
  • The fully enclosed float valve chamber protects the float
  • They’re deeper than other troughs to keep water cooler longer
  • ClearWater Troughs are easy to install and maintain

Did you know we make concrete water troughs with erosion and stabilising pads?

The area around water troughs are high traffic areas that have a tendency to “Bog Up” and erode over time. Water troughs should allow livestock access to an adequate supply of good quality water for their survival, welfare and performance.

Poor water quality can have a negative effect on growth, reproduction and the general productivity of the animal.

ClearWater Tanks manufacture stock water troughs with erosion and stabilising pads for paddock and feedlots to ensure your livestock have access to good quality water. 

ClearWater Trough
Feedlot Trough

Geoff from Inverell uses the ClearWater 8ft Feedlot Trough at his feedlot and finds them good because he can clean them daily without loosing litres of water

Are you aware the NSW Government is offering interest-free loans to primary producers to implement systems and management practices that enhance the sustainability of their farm business. This includes the installation of on-farm fodder and water infrastructure.

For more information visit the RAA website or

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