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When Ben and Sam Allcorn purchased ClearWater Tanks in 2011 they had a clear vision for the business … to provide the highest quality products that are durable and long lasting; as well as support long term sustainability through water capture, containment and delivery.

Whilst ClearWater Tanks has been in business for over 50 years; originally it predominantly focused on manufacturing concrete water tanks. With changes in the demand for concrete tanks, Ben and Sam introduced Colorbond® and Zincalume® steel liner tanks to the product offering.

The demand for ClearWater’s steel water tanks has been so high that they’re gradually phasing out concrete tanks due to installation time and the cost of delivery.

“A steel water tank made from Colorbond® or Zincalume® with our Australian made liner is not only cost effective to install, but are strong and an ideal solution for large storage requirements.

With a range of colours available … they can be colour-matched to suit surrounding infrastructure making them aesthetically pleasing in residential and commercial environments.

As an addition to the manufacture of steel liner tanks, Ben and Sam also introduced a range of concrete water troughs designed for problem-free watering of livestock. With a vested interest in the Agricultural industry, through farming a property at Manildra NSW … a lot of research and thought went into the manufacture of the ideal livestock water trough.

ClearWater Tanks understands the importance of a clean and reliable water source for livestock and have implemented a range of features to ensure cool, clean water continues to flow. Features such as a cement hob to protect external pipework and a float valve chamber large enough to house float and tap are standard.

“A lot of thought went into the design of the ClearWater trough from being a deeper trough than some, through to the way in which water enters the trough … keeping water cooler on hot days without overflowing when it’s windy.

Anyone who has purchased a ClearWater trough hasn’t just purchased one … they’ve come back for others. For this reason, we’ve introduced small, double and feedlot troughs to our range to accommodate all livestock and farming enterprises.

If you require a water storage tank or stock water trough please contact ClearWater tanks on 1800 647 756 or email .

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