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ClearWater Troughs | The Features ...

ClearWater Troughs are a range of concrete water troughs designed for problem-free watering of livestock.

With a vested interest in the Agricultural industry, through farming a property at Manildra NSW … a lot of research and thought went into the manufacture of the ideal livestock water trough.

ClearWater Tanks understands the importance of a clean and reliable water source for livestock and have implemented a range of features to ensure cool, clean water continues to flow. Features such as a cement hob to protect external pipework and a float valve chamber large enough to house float and tap are standard.

Built Strong ...

ClearWater Troughs are poured in one piece as a complete trough; reinforced with mesh and finished with 40MPA vibrated concrete to ensure a quality product that’s durable to withstands harsh environments.

Easy to Install ...

Your ClearWater Trough has a flat base and simply needs to be placed on a flat compacted surface and connected to water. The inbuilt 1½” or 2″ water inlet makes commissioning easy by simply connecting water pipe and float to the threaded inlet.

ClearWater Water Inlet

The Hob ...

All ClearWater Water Troughs feature a cement hob which is designed to protect pipework from damage by stock. The incoming water pipe fits neatly under the hob where it’s protected from stock.

ClearWater Float

Float Valve Chamber ...

ClearWater Troughs feature a large float valve chamber which is large enough to house a float and tap but easy to access as necessary. Locating a tap within the float valve chamber means fidgety stock are unable to turn the tap off but the trough can be turned off when not in use.

Easy to Clean ...

ClearWater Troughs have a dished floor and recess leading to a 4″ outlet for easy of cleaning. When positioned correctly, all water within the trough will run to the drain outlet. The drain bung can be removed easily for cleaning.

Tested in the Paddock ...

All ClearWater Troughs have been tried and tested in the paddock to ensure they withstand the test of time and the punishment dished out by overeager stock. ClearWater Troughs are deeper than some … keeping the water cooler on hot days.

“A lot of thought went into the design of the ClearWater trough from being a deeper trough than some, through to the way in which water enters the trough from the bottom … keeping water cooler on hot days without overflowing when it’s windy.

Anyone who has purchased a ClearWater trough hasn’t just purchased one … they’ve come back for others. For this reason, we’ve introduced small, double and feedlot troughs to our range to accommodate all livestock and farming enterprises.

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