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Fire Fighting Reserve

In the event of a fire, your water tank could become crucial in saving your home or property. 

Our ClearWater Steel Liner Tanks are suitable for use as a dual purpose, water storage tank with integrated fire fighting reserve simply by changing the outlet design.

By fitting an additional outlet; a water reserve can be created that is always available in the event of a fire.

The lowest water level reaches the bottom of the tank outlet (top outlet) leaving water below that isn’t accessible without using the lower outlet with Storz fitting.

Fire fighting equipment can be connected to the Storz fitting to access any available water in the tank; with a reserve always available in an emergency.

When opting for a Steel Liner Tank with Fire Fighting Reserve installation, please be aware that this will reduce the overall water capacity of your tank so a larger size should be considered.

For example; if you require a storage capacity of up to 105,000 litres of water for regular use and install a Storz fitting to have a 20,000 litre fire fighting reserve on-hand … you should consider installing a tank with capacity over 125,000 litres.

This simplified diagram shows how a water reserve can be created using two outlets positioned dependant on tank size and local regulations.

This is just one of the ways in which our Steel Liner Tanks can be customised to suit your requirements. Please get in touch if you require more information.


Our Steel Liner Water Tanks come standard with a 2″ outlet and ball valve fitted to the bottom of the tank.


ClearWater Tanks use quality zinc alloy outlet fittings as standard on all our tanks.


To create a fire fighting reserve, that is always accessible, we install a second outlet.

This outlet then becomes the outlet for daily water use.


Storz Fitting

A Storz fitting is installed on the lower outlet for access via fire fighting equipment only.

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