Feedlot Feed Troughs

ClearWater Tanks have designed and manufactured our own range of Concrete Feed Lot Troughs. The full range of Concrete Feed Lot Troughs are manufactured at our factory in Manildra.

About Our Feedlot Feed Troughs

Each trough is reinforced with mesh and finished with 40MPA vibrated concrete. The enclosed Float Valve Chamber gives full protection to the float valve from stock and weather and is spacious enough to accommodate any float valve with ease of access for inspection and maintenance.

ClearWater builds troughs with full consideration to the installer. Unlike many stock troughs, our troughs are built to make installation extremely easy and rear hob is there to protect the stand pipe. With the construction of all troughs, attention to detail is paramount, making every trough robust and practical. A long lasting investment with a 10 year warranty on workmanship.