Steel Liner Water Tanks

The ClearWater Steel Water Tank is manufactured on site in Manildra NSW. With all quality components, your tank is built to last. The polyfabric liner is manufactured in Australia to the highest standard and every tank built comes with a geotextile underlay.

About Our Steel Liner Water Tanks

With a lockable manhole and dust and vermin proofing (optional), your tank and drinking water is guaranteed to be safe and healthy. ClearWater Tanks leads the Australian market with their innovative, high-strength, 100% water-proof and watertight tank liners.

At ClearWater Tanks we understand that the internal liner of the tank is the ultimate protection of your most precious resource, which is why we have worked extensively to create a liner that today leads the market. Each liner is engineered from polypropylene high strength fabric with a durable layered coating technology supported by a high strength woven base cloth providing a liner that is unbeaten in strength, durability and waterproofing for the toughest Australian conditions.

Every weld on a ClearWater Steel Water Tank Liner is double-seam welded on a state-of-the-art, purpose-designed welding machine with a double welding head which overlap welds the joins and tape welds on a secondary strip over the join on the same pass. This is critical to ensure your liner stands the test of time and prevents any seepage, leaks or wicking of the water.

Our fabric itself is in a total different class to any others on the market. Created from an advanced dedicated, water potable, 100% polypropylene material in both the base cloth and the coating, meaning that the eventual disposal of the 100% recyclable material has minimal impact on the environment with no chlorine or heavy metals contained in the product.

It is BPA-free and Phthalate free and AS/NZS 4020 Approved, meeting the global safety and food standards for the secure storage of clean, safe, chemical free water storage.

Additionally, it is manufactured using high quality ingredients that have been selected for their resistance to ultra-violet light degradation, providing a 10 year UV warranty for complete peace of mind. This means when you purchase a Tank from ClearWater Tanks you know you are collecting and containing your water resource with absolute assurance of its quality and security, for now and in the future.

Choose from Zincalume, Galvanised or Colorbond.