Feed Lot Sheep Water Trough



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Product Code: ClearFLS8

Capacity: 120 Litres

Length: 3m with 2.4m of drinking

Pad Width: 1200mm

Width Inside: 200mm

Height: 300mm

Weight: 1175kg

Inlet: 2″

Outlet: 4″

Our Troughs Include

  • Enclosed Float Valve Chamber
  • Easy Access To Float Valve
  • 40MPA Reinforced Vibrated Concrete
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • High & Low Pressure Float Valves
  • Delivery Can Be Arranged Australia wide
  • Hob For Protection Of External Plumbing
  • Easy Installation Due To Flat Surface Of Troughs
Sheep Troughs
4ft, 8ft, 16ft & 8ft with Erosion & Stabliising Pad
Sheep & Cattle Troughs
4ft, 8ft, 16ft Double
King Cattle Trough
Horse Trough
Pet & Poultry Trough

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