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team ClearWater
team ClearWater

Flashback to 2019 … Ben Allcorn (Co-owner), Wayne Sharpe (Workshop),
Tim Peschka (Workshop), Carol Allcorn (Admin),
Leah Hutchinson (Sales) & Sam Allcorn (Co-owner).
2021 … all still working as part of team ClearWater!

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We hope you’re surviving these unusual times and are staying safe. Here’s to hoping the season continues to be a good one for you and your agribusiness.

Have a nice day,
Ben, Sam and
the ClearWater Team


  • New Product … Sheep Feed Trough
  • Our version of Spring Cleaning
  • Video Competition … enter to win a Feedlot Package
  • New Concrete Stock Troughs brochure


ClearWater Sheep Feed Trough

The ClearWater Tanks Sheep Feed Trough is purpose built for feedlots or sheep enterprises; and designed to reduce feed waste.

Our Sheep Feed Trough is suitable for supplementary feeding in pens, yards or paddocks of sheep and goats.

The choice is Clear …

  • Sturdy U-shaped concrete feed trough designed for animals to utilise all the feed without it getting caught in corners
  • 3m long bolt-together design for a continuous trough suited to your feeding requirements


Sheep Feed Trough with optional Fenceline Rail (pictured)

  • Galvanised 3 rail fence for fenceline installation to prevent livestock fouling feed
  • Adjustable bottom rail for young or grown animals
  • Easy filling and cleaning outside the feedlot


  • The Sheep Feed Trough with Fenceline Rail was designed in conjunction with a local feedlot for ease of filling and cleaning from outside the pen
  • The straight sides allow for a feed cart to run up the side filling the trough;
  • The U-shape inside means they can be cleaned with a broom or Bobcat sweeper easily


Feed troughs are required to minimise wastage and animal health issues associated with grazing close to the ground.

The design of the feed troughs should prevent sheep from fouling the feed and provide sufficient space for each animal to access feed – approximately 15-20m of double-sided trough per 100 sheep.

Consideration should also be given to how the troughs will be filled around the sheep in the yard. Troughs can be designed to be filled from outside the pen or sheep can be excluded from the trough area while the troughs are filled.

Note: The ClearWater Sheep Feed Trough is designed to meet all these requirements.


With the weather warming up … spring is the perfect time to perform a bit of tank care and maintenance. Regular care and maintenance is needed to keep your tank in optimum condition and your water clean and clear; especially when the water is consumed by humans.

We recommend inspecting your tank every 3 to 4 months with the beginning of a new season being the opportune time. 

This is our list of things to check:

  • Aggregate … check there is enough aggregate with an exclusion zone of 20mm. Also check your aggregate is clear of grass and weeds.
  • Tank Roof … Remove any leaves and debris from your tank roof without getting on the roof itself. This can be done using a long-handled broom / brush or leaf blower.
  • Leaf Filter Basket … Check leaf filter basket and ensure it is free from leaves and debris. Also remove the basket and give it a good rinse under running water regularly.
  • Pests, Animals & Vermin … Look for signs of pest, animal or vermin activity around or on your tank. If you notice any damage to your tank, liner, pad or aggregate please attend to asap.
  • External Tank Walls … Clean surface contaminants off using a hose and soft brush.
  • Internal Tank Cleaning … If your ClearWater Tank is regularly maintained and cleaned, and all filters and fittings are working correctly, your tank should not require internal cleaning.
  • Tank Level … Always ensure your ClearWater Tank is at least 10% full to keep your tank liner in position.


Our full ClearWater Tank Care & Maintenance Guide can be downloaded from our website.


We’d like the opportunity to giveaway a Feedlot Package valued at over $2400* as well as gain video footage of our troughs in action. We’re quite proud of our troughs and would like to know your thoughts.

Our Feedlot Package includes:
1 x Feedlot Sheep Water Trough | 120L | RRP $809 +
3 x Sheep Feed Troughs with Fenceline Rail | RRP $1494 +
ClearWater Hoodie + Trucker Cap + Stubbie Cooler | RRP $99

Winner will be chosen when we have enough entries to consider it a competition or November 2021 …. whichever comes first

*Competition does not include delivery to your location

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Our new Concrete Stock Troughs brochure is available for download from our website. Click to download and view our complete range of concrete feed and water troughs.

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